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​​​​​​​aj.jpg​​​​Abdoukarim Drammeh MAG Mentee and Technical Volunteer​


My name is Abdoukarim Drammeh, I am a mentee and now a Technical Volunteer. As a mentee I want better understanding of Technology.

I joined the MAG mentoring program in April 2012, primarily because I was curious about  Content Management Systems , Web site design and how it all works from start to finish. I enrolled in the MAG Group Mentoring program where I also met other mentees who shared a similar interest.  Our mentor helped guide us, shared his experience and provided resources from which we learned how to deploy, manage, maintain, design Content Management Systems and  web sites. 

Each mentoring sessions served as building block, and despite that content management systems and web site design and publishing were new to me, the group mentoring sessions were pivotal in helping me comprehend both. 


Today, I pretty much have a good idea about how Content Management Systems work and able to apply the knowledge from these mentoring sessions. Now I am been able to design, update web sites and also build and maintan Conetent Management Systems, like this one used by The program exposed me to applications and tools that companies use to overcome location and time zone obstacles. 


I would personally recommend anyone searching for guidance to try the MAG mentoring program, because MAG will connect you with experience and practicing mentors who are ready to help. This program worked for me, Try it and see if it work for you too.​ 

Here is how I am giving back.  

I have committed one year to help maintain this mentoring web site and embark on other projects to help generate funds to support the program. I have also committed to donate $10.00/month to support this program. ​​In January 2015, I will be ready to enroll as a mentor to help mentees in the areas that I can mentor. I just want to pass it on.