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MAG is a mentoring organization established to help middle, high school and college students as well as those starting their careers get the help they need by pairing them with experienced and practicing professionals through Youth Enrichment Programs, One-On-One and Group Mentoring Events. 


Our Vision

Become a Global Youth mentoring organization, a central hub where Mentors and Mentees converge to share wisdom, knowledge, education, career and life experiences. ​​


Board of Directors - Volunteers

​Aboulaye Faal - Provail

Board Member
​Program Adviser



​Isatou Jallow - Microsoft

​Board  Member 
Program Adviser

Joseph Jassey - Microsoft

​Board Member
Program Director​​​

​MAG Team of Volunteers 

​Joseph Jasseyjj.gif
Mentor & Program Director​​

Abdoukarim Drammehaj.jpg
Mentor & Technical Volunteer
My Experience with MAG   

​Sulayman Gibba      sg.png
Mentor & Technical Volunt​eer
My Experience with MAG     

sira.jpg​Sira Secka 

​Programs Assistant
Events coordinator  



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