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​​​​​Becoming a Medical Doctor

Jessica M. Lundeen, MD received her medical degree from Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine in 2004 and completed her neurology residency at the University of Washington in 2008​. ​Dr. Lundeen is Board Certified in Neurology. Her​ presentation was engaging and she received many questions from the audience.  If you missed the event or want a recap, please click the link below to view her presentation.

View Jessica's Presentation ​ 


Senior Software Engineer and Inventor

​​Cherno Jagne is a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft in​​ Redmond, Washington and he is also the inventor of the automatic "ataya" (green tea) maker called eBrada​. Cherno left Gambia to study in Canada, where he was recruited by Microsoft. His amazing invention drew lots of questions from the audience.  If you missed his presentation, please click the link below to watch Cherno's eBrada video.

View Cherno's eBrada Invention Demo

yasin.jpgGlobal Citizen​ Yasin Choye​

Yasin Choye, a 19 year old Global Citizen currently studying International Relations & Political Science, was one of our guest speakers. Yasin joined ​the MAG Inuaugural and Youth Enrichment event via video conference from the state of Maryland and shared her vision and the global initiative she is affiliated with. Speaking to the audience, Yasin revealed how she believes that every youth has an important role to play in making a difference in our society.  If you missed her presentation, please click the link below to view Yasin Choye's video.

View Yasin's Video


sgibba.jpgMy Experience with MAG

Sulayman Gibba is a mentee and a MAG Technical Volunteer. As a Technical Volunteer, he assists in managing the content of the site as well as creating and maintaining a platform where mentors and mentees collaborate.
View Sulayman's Video
View Sulayman's Testimonial Page

aj.jpgWhy I came to MAG

Abdoukarim Drammeh joined the MAG mentoring program in April 2012 because he was curious about Content Management Systems, web site design and how they work from start to finish. He enrolled in the MAG Group Mentoring Program where he also met other mentees who shared similar interests.

View Abdoukarim's Experience


faal.pngThose peanuts were my lunch

Mr. Abdoulie Faal, who serves as a Board member and Program Adviser for MAG, shared his story and distributed peanuts to the audience. After all attendees took a handful, he asked, "Would you like to have that as your lunch?" None of the attendees wanted peanuts for their lunch. "That was what I had for lunch," quipped Mr. Faal. "I didn't have a mentor or the resources that you all enjoy today," he continued. Mr. Faal urged the attendees to take advantage of the Mentor a Gambian program.


​Why I am excited to be part of Mentor of a Gambian.isatou.jpg

Isatou Jallow who serves as a MAG Board member and Program Adviser shared with attendees how she wished she had not taken a break from school before returning to finish her degree program. "Don't make the same mistake I did. I stopped and went back again. So, please don't stop. F​inish your degree. I know that you are all confronted with many choices, however, knowing which opportunities to pursue can be a challenge. This program is here to help connect you with people who can help answer questions, guide you and and help you make those decisions." 


babs.jpgPA System Man Commander B (Babs Canteh)

For his part, Commander B made sure that the PA system was fully functional. Without such a complete setup, the event would not have been successful. Not only was Babs in charge of the PA system, but he also participated in the forum and provided valuable answers during the Q & A session. Commander B has since offered his services to Mentor a Gambian.

j.jpg​Final Note from the Program Director

Many people have asked the question, "What exactly are the MAG mentoring programs and how do they work?" The MAG programs page provides a high level overview about how each mentoring program is structured.  As defined in the mission statement, Mentor a Gambian seeks to work with subject matter experts within the Gambian community and beyond to bring opportunities to Gambians in middle and high school, college, and those starting their careers.

View Mentor a Gambian Mentoring Programs

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