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​​​​​How can I find a Good Mentor ?

Whether you are looking for someone to guide you, listen to you or simply looking for someone to confide your challenges, MAG can help. When you enroll as a mentee, MAG will match you with experienced and practicing professional mentors who have a sincere desire to help.

How do you match me with a Mentor? 

MAG considers, Interests, Proximity, Availability, Age, Gender, Race and expressed preferences of Mentees and Mentor s when making a match.  A Mentors attunement and a mentees drive are highly considered in both our recruiting effort and match making. The pair must truly understand why they are in this together.​


How can I gain the most from my Mentor?​

Your mentor needs to fully understand your goals. You can help your mentor by clarifying what is that you want, opportunities sought, write down your goals, follow-up on tasks.  Asking your mentor for feedback goes a far way in helping you evaluate how well you are doing towards your goals.
We found that by sharing your story, you are helping a mentor understand your background and that alone can help a mentor devise better ways to make it work. MAG provides our mentees and mentors guidelines that both can utilize to gain most out of the mentoring relationship.

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​​​ A mentor is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight" - Anonymous.

We came to this program in April of 2012, with no knowledge ​about Content Management Systems, Web Design, publishing, editing and how it all comes together. Today we pretty much have a good grasp on things. Together, we help and maintain this mentoring web site and also design and support several web sites on our own with little or no guidance from our MAG mentor. 

We both agree, that there is a whole lot to learn and each project reveals just how much we don't know. But we are determine to get there and we will. 

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