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What Is Your Role In Life ?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Whatever your role is in life, we know you have skills and knowledge that can help someone. You probably had a mentor of your own, or someone whom you look up to. Someone out there probably played a role in the capacity of a mentor that led to your success. Mentoring has become more important than ever; and you as a mentor will gain more from a mentoring relationship than you think.

So why not consider becoming a mentor? 

​Why Should I Become A Mentor ?

There are many benefits associated with becoming a mentor; first we know that by mentoring you can help in the academic success of your mentee; help improve their workforce readiness; self-esteem; and expand your mentee's growth opportuntiies.
Mentoring at any level, gives you the Mentor an opportunity to facilitate a protege's professional and personal growth drawn from the knowledge and experience you learned through the years.

​​What Are The MAG Mentor Requirements ?

  • Mentors ne​ed to be available at least one hour a week, or 3 hours a month.
  • Be willing to commit at least a year to your mentee(s).
  • Be an advocate for mentoring and contribute ideas, become a MAG evangelist.
  • Must be at least 21 years old. Youth peer mentors must be 13 years old. 

What skills do I need to Become a Mentor ?

If you have a sincere interest in the success of our younger generation and you truly believe that you care and can commit to the time it takes to mentor; then MAG needs you. MAG will provide you with the support and resources you need to increase your chances of success in your mentoring relationship. 


Want to know what makes a good mentor ? Click here


Whatever your role is in life, we are sure you have skills and knowledge that can help someone. You probably had a mentor of your own, or someone whom you look up to.



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