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​Sulayman Gibba - MAG Mentee and Technical Volunteer


My name is Sulayman Gibba and I am a mentee and a MAG Technical Volunteer. As a Technical Volunteer, I assist in managing the content of the site as well as creating and maintaining a platform where mentors and mentees collaborate.

As a Mentee, I came to this program in April 2012,  looking for more in-depth understanding of how to design, develop and deploy Content Management Systems as well as web site development and design. I jumped at the opportunities provided by the Group mentoring program and Peer learning hybrid offered by MAG. Through the program i was able to see the importance of different viewpoints and it made me realize how much teamwork and collaboration can be beneficial to projects of all sizes.  


I began the mentoring relationship with specific goals and expectations which have been met by the well-designed program of Mentor a Gambian. In addition, MAG has created a conducive environment for me to not only have an understanding of a career path I signed up for, but also instilled in me a high degree of confidence and self-esteem  in preparation for facing real life challenges one could expect in today's industry. 


I would recommend anyone needing help or guidance in his/her professional career to take advantage of this program that is designed to make a positive impact in the lives of those it has and continue to serve.


Here is how I am giving back.

I have committed to donate $10.00/ month to fund MAG, one year to help maintain this mentoring web site and embark on other projects to help generate funds to support the program. I will be ready to enroll as a mentor come January 2015 to help mentees in the areas I am comfortable to mentor. Yes, I will truly pass the knowhow to the future mentees.